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USB stereo playback interface

The USB to I2S/SPDIF interface is an easy to integrate OEM solution for High-End USB audio playback systems, based on an XMOS controller and supporting USB Audio Class 2.0 descriptors. USB streaming is based on an asynchronous protocol, clocked by on board oscillators. Using this concept, the design benefits of a local high quality master clock to achieve jitter-free playback and bit-perfect data transfer.


External master clock synchronization is provided for enhanced flexibility and optimal clock distribution. Full galvanic isolation avoids interference issue between the audio device and the USB host. Critical components are powered by an external source to ensure optimal performances. The interface can also be configured to use bus power only, useful for using the board as a simple USB to S/PDIF mobile interface. High definition stereo audio formats such as 192kHz 24-bit PCM, DXD up to 384kHz 32-bit, DSD64 and DSD128 are now supported.


USB to I2S/SPDIF interface

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  • USB 2.0 High Speed compliant & USB Audio Class 2.0 supported
  • 2-channel asynchronous endpoint for stereo jitter-free playback
  • on board 22.5792MHz and 24.576MHz oscillators
  • external master clock input
  • resolution up to 32-bits, sampling rate up to 384kHz
  • support for DSD audio via DoP
  • I2S and S/PDIF output
  • full galvanic isolation
  • based on XMOS XS1-L1 controller/DSP in 128TQFP package and SMSC USB3318 USB PHY.
  • MS Windows USB Audio Class 2.0 driver available


U2S192 USB Digital Audio Interface OEM/evaluation bord datasheet
This datasheet provides information needed to design and integrate the USB Digital Audio Interface into third-party products.
Adobe Acrobat Document 466.0 KB


Audio Class 2.0 driver
Version 2.26 of the MS Windows Audio Class 2.0 driver for engineered U2S192 Digital Audio Interface.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 1.3 MB

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