innovation is the key to success

Specialized in electronic engineering, engineered SA is here to help you design innovative products, optimize conceptualization time and keep your development costs under control.

« Having a bright idea is a major first step.

Surrounding yourself with a skilled partner is the second step to materialize it »

one step beyond...

Years of engineering in the High-End audio domain finally led us to start a new story and create the products we had in mind.

We are proud to unveil Wattson Audio, our own brand of finished audio products, built on the substance of our know-how, skills and in-house technologies. Under this new name, we launch a range of products designed and manufactured with great care in Yverdon-les-Bains.


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... and still here at your service

We support your projects with our expertise in hardware and software development, as well as design and manufacturing, from the early concept to the final phases of production.


Engineered has always been dedicated to services and consulting, with a strong customer-oriented approach.


As a partner, our engagement is to bring your products to the market, with profitability, to ensure a commercial success !


  • hardware electronic design
  • embedded software development
  • prototyping, test and measurement
  • manufacturing

system integration

  • mechanical integration
  • complete product assembly
  • control software
  • mobile apps development


  • high-end audio OEM products
  • technologies and IPs
  • digital signal processing
  • high performances analog audio designs