engineering from your brain to your hands

Our team of engineers are highly skilled at bringing your ideas to reality. From early concept to final production, we provide you with our expertise in hardware and software development, design and manufacturing. We help you design innovative products, optimize conceptualization time and keep development costs under control.

At the concept stage, we perform architectural and technical trade-offs analysis for different solutions, platforms and processors in real-world use-case scenarios, which includes performance, power, functionality and physical attributes.

During the development process, our engineers work closely with you to ensure that the final product will perfectly fulfill your requirements and fit into the global system (e.g. mechanical or thermal constraints, interconnections, ...).

At the end of the development process, electronic boards prototypes are assembled, tested and measured in our lab. Final assembly and mechanical integration are verified until you grant your validation.


hardware design

Our main area of expertise has always dealt with high-end audio equipment: from low noise analog circuits to high power low distortion amplifiers and leading-edge digital audio technology. This know-how gives us a clear competitive edge in sensitive application requiring analog and digital expertise, such as instrumentation and medical domains.


Our hardware engineering team’s primary strengths cover a wide range of skills:

  • low noise and high speed analog circuits
  • A/D and D/A conversion
  • high-performance mixed-signal (analog/digital) designs
  • digital platforms and interfaces

software development

A complete electronic product requires software at various levels. Complex projects often involve signal processing, low level control and a high level user interface. Our software skills cover all these requirements:

  • control software on micro-controllers
  • hardware description on FPGA 
  • embedded OS-based software
  • signal processing on DSP
  • mobile devices apps on iOS and Android