eRED-MOD audio renderer module

The new eRED-MOD Audio Renderer Module offers a top-notch solution for network audio playback systems. Developed for High-End systems with no compromise on sound quality, this is a full featured and easy-to-integrate OEM solution, a key component for any modern high quality reproduction device.


Our proprietary concept takes care of the asynchronous mode data transfer, clock management, formats decoding and UPnP/DLNA support to provide an unprecedented listening experience. Latest high-resolution files can be streamed from local or remote servers with perfect clocking and data integrity. Common PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) audio formats are supported, including decoding of lossless FLAC up to 384kHz. One-bit DSD (Direct Stream Digital) is also supported via uncompressed DSF and DFF files.


eRED-MOD audio renderer module

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  • digital Media Renderer for stereo audio
  • UPnP AV 2.0 / DLNA
  • playing and decoding common audio formats from HTTP streams
  • 2-channel asynchronous endpoint for highest quality digital audio stereo playback
  • bit-perfect, jitter free data transmission
  • PCM up to 32-bit resolution, sampling rate up to 384kHz
  • support for DSD64, DSD128 and DSD256
  • support for gapless playback
  • ethernet interface and I2S/DSD digital audio output
  • hardware mode for easy operation
  • SPI interface available for extended features
  • compact design, low EMI

about Roon

Roon Ready certification for audio devices only applies to final products and cannot apply to OEM components such as the eRED-MOD.

With this in mind, our interface can be used within a product that is compatible with the Roon ecosystem.


Manufacturers and brands are welcome to contact us for more information about a custom implementation.


eRED-MOD Network Audio Renderer Module datasheet
This datasheet provides the information needed to design and integrate the eRED-MOD Network Audio Renderer Module into your product.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 1.7 MB


eRED-MOD firmware v1.58
Latest release of the firmware for the eRED-MOD Audio Media Renderer (2023-MAR-08)
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 9.1 MB

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