eRED-DOCK network audio interface

The new eRED-DOCK interface offers a top-notch solution for network audio playback systems, based on our Ethernet Audio Renderer Module eRED-MOD. Among other features, it provides an RJ45 socket, two local master clock oscillators, a clock management circuit, flex cable connectors for I2S output and SPI access as well as a buffered and isolated S/PDIF output. The eRED-DOCK interface allows for easy integration or technology evaluation. The eRED-MOD is included with the eRED-DOCK board.

Backplane for the eRED-MOD module

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eRED-DOCK Network Audio Interface OEM/evaluation bord datasheet
This datasheet provides information needed to design and integrate the eRED-DOCK Network Audio Interface into third-party products.
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.4 MB

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