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Q8 dual DAC upsampler

The Q8 Module is a 2-channel, asynchronous digital data stream upsampler based on the S8 technology. It offers the same universal digital audio input supporting PCM up to 384kHz, DoP and native DSD at 2.8224MHz or 5.6448MHz. The main digital audio output port provides up-sampled data at 384kHz for driving a dual-DAC system. The second digital audio output port provides a direct down-sampled stream configurable for 1x FS (48kHz), 2x FS (96kHz) or 4x FS (192kHz) operation.


  • superior performance asynchronous 24-bit / 384kHz upsampling 
  • integrates with DSS™ synchronization technology for efficient jitter rejection
  • 384kHz upsampled digital output for driving 2 DAC's in dual mono mode
  • direct-downsampled output port available for digital transmitter
  • DSD to PCM conversion
  • DoP decoding
  • supports PCM input sample rates from 44.1kHz to 384kHz and word length from 16- to 24-bit
  • supports DSD input rate from 2.8224MHz to 6.144MHz
  • standalone hardware and configurable software modes available
  • various parameters available through SPI access


Q8 Module datasheet
This datasheet provides information needed to design and integrate the Q8 Module into third-party products.
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.7 MB