signal processing

The computing power of modern micro-processors opens a wide area of applications, where digital computations and algorithms are able to improve performances of acquisition and reproduction systems, breaking the limitation of conventional analog circuits. Signal processing is a very powerful tool for bringing audio components to the highest quality level. We have gained extensive experience in this field over the years. Calling on partners when required, we provide both off-the-shelf and customized solutions for consumer and professional applications.


sample rate converters

Based on the award-winning Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter kernel developed by Anagram Technologies, our solutions are famous for their numerous features, performance and outstanding sonic qualities. As processors computing power has increased, we have improved the original algorithms, setting new standards for jitter rejection and interpolation accuracy.

High Performance Real-Time Software Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter Kernel
This AES Convention Paper, published in 2006, describes the principles of the Asynchronous SRC kernel initially developed by Anagram Technologies.
Asynchronous SRC kernel - AES 2006.pdf
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decoding and filters

Network streaming and computer storage for high resolution audio content on the one hand, multi-channel sound distribution for cinemas on the other: we have been involved in several such projects during the last years. Our expertise in signal processing applies here too, ranging from format decoding and conversion to 3D-audio processing, equalization, filtering and room correction.



Our latest work focuses on advanced modulation algorithms based on vector quantification. Such process significantly reduces computational load compared to traditional sigma-delta modulation. This advantage can be used to implement modulator enhancements while maintaining load similar to standard modulators.



Low complexity, software based, high rate DSD modulator using Vector Quantification
This AES Convention Paper, presented in June 2016, introduces a new modulator topology allowing for reduction in computational load and making real-time high rate DSD encoding suitable for software based implementation on off-the-shelf Digital Signal Processors (DSPs).
High Rate DSD Modulator - AES 2016.pdf
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