digital audio interfaces

The spread of digital medias and computer platforms led us to put a real effort on interfaces for digital audio. Electrical noise rejection, clock accuracy, bit-perfect data transmission are some of the technical key features we have been working on for a long time. Nowadays, content dematerialization has a deep impact on music consumption habits, calling for a growing need of high quality interfaces for music playback on modern connected systems.



We have been among the pioneering companies to adopt the XMOS controller for jitter-free USB audio playback by preventing timing deterioration due to usual isochronous transfer method. Nowadays, asynchronous data transfer has become the standard and allows for timing error free, bit-perfect playback (and capture). We keep our design and firmware up to date, enhancing compatibility with operating systems and adding support for high definition formats such as 24-bit/192kHz PCM, DXD up to 32-bit/384kHz, DSD64 and DSD128 over DoP (DSD over PCM).


Our reference design for stereo playback has been successfully integrated in multiple products of various brands. Our solution can be adapted for multi-channel and recording support to meet customer's requirements.


Music streaming over a wired network shows many benefits, covering both technical and convenience aspects. Technically speaking, data integrity and transfer reliability are far superior as any other interface. Safe transmission is guaranteed by network file transfer protocols providing true bit-prefect data to the client. Enhanced user experience through handheld devices based control and music selection is enabled by the DLNA and UPnP standards.


Our technology takes care of the asynchronous mode, clock management, audio formats decoding and UPnP/DLNA support to provide an unprecedented listening experience. Latest high resolution files, be they DSD or PCM, can be streamed from local or remote servers with perfect clocking and data integrity. This state-of-the-art interface is the solution for network connectivity, a key component for any modern High-End DAC.


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