audio is our core business

engineered SA has worked on lots of audio projects during the past two decades. We created many custom hardware and software solutions for various products and customers, covering both consumer or professional applications. Several of the most prestigious High-End audio brands are long terms customers of ours.

OEM solutions

We concentrate our efforts on digital audio technology with a clear goal in mind: providing our customers an easy access to complex and modern technology. For this, we focus on audio brands' needs and technology trends to achieve leading edge OEM solutions.


our skills at you service

Our area of expertise covers all the needs of a complete electronics development: system concept, analog and digital circuits, PCB design, mechanical integration, embedded control software and digital signal processing.

We also have skills to develop mobile apps for remote control of your products.


Our engineering team's work capacity covers most of the development projects. We have strong and long term relation with highly competent partners for specific technical requirement that would require external expertise. These links to reliable partners also allow us to engage into large projects while keeping control of development time.