the genesis

From the beginning to its current evolution, the audio field has always been part of Engineered's DNA. Although the projects we work on daily also cover other areas, such as instrumentation, watchmaking or medical, audio remains the core of our business.

Our OEM products are a testimony to this passion, as are the many collaborations with prestigious High-End audio brands that have marked our path for nearly two decades.

Engineered is first and foremost an electronics service and consulting company, serving a wide range of customers. We appreciate the particular diversity of this positioning, and the richness of collaborations when we can help our clients bring their ideas to realization. We strongly wish to preserve these relationships.

The idea of launching our own brand has required deep thinking, both in terms of customer relations and of the qualities required for the achievement and marketing of finished products, skills that are far away from our usual work in electronics and software development.

the first steps

The reflection went on, and the decision was finally made to take up this new challenge, motivated by the desire to bring together at the heart of distinct products several in-house concepts and technologies developed over the years.

The first product blueprints were outlined in 2015, but it was not until 2018 that this impulse was transformed into an impetus and that concepts became concrete in the form of the first device prototypes and of a mobile control application framework.

The crucial background work on the visual identity, marketing considerations and fund raising clearly took us out of our comfort zone. However, some fortunate collaborations allowed us to take these crucial steps, particularly in regards to the design of the first case, to which our partners were able to give an exceptional look. Marked by retro-futurism, this unique design defined the aesthetic approach of our future product line and greatly influenced the creation of the brand.

At this stage, various considerations led us to postpone the completion of this first ambitious project and to establish a road map favoring the commercialization of simpler products focused on essential features. As a result, the work on the Emerson network bridge began in 2019 and leverages our know-how in streaming technologies, both in terms of the technical choices made at the electronic level, as well as the embedded software and the mobile application designed to drive it all.

the road ahead

With a first innovative product and a solid road map with many strategic projects that will complete the range, the Wattson Audio brand finally emerged at the beginning of summer 2020, to find a unique place among music lovers and advanced audiophiles alike.

Wattson Audio is still in its debut, but the journey has already proven to be very rewarding and has brought the entire Engineered team new skills and the satisfaction of seeing a great dream come true.