eRED-DOCK network audio interface

The new eRED-DOCK interface offers a top-notch solution for network audio playback systems, based on our Ethernet Audio Renderer Module eRED-MOD.


Among other features, it provides an RJ45 socket, two local master clock oscillators, a clock management circuit, flat cable connectors for I2S/DSD output and SPI access as well as a buffered and isolated S/PDIF and AES/EBU output. All electronic parts have been carefully selected for the best performances, such as high grade passive parts, very low noise voltage regulators, best in class digital audio transformers. Special care has been taken for oscillators and clock distribution circuit.


The eRED-DOCK interface allows for easy integration or technology evaluation in the best conditions. The eRED-MOD is included with the eRED-DOCK board.

Backplane for the eRED-MOD module

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about Roon

Roon Ready certification for audio devices only concerns final products and cannot apply to OEM components such as the eRED-DOCK.

Therefore, the eRED-DOCK is not Roon Ready. AirPlay is actually the only way to experiment Roon with the eRED-DOCK.



eRED-DOCK Network Audio Interface OEM/evaluation bord datasheet
This datasheet provides information needed to design and integrate the eRED-DOCK Network Audio Interface into third-party products.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 758.5 KB

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